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pvc floor how to

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1, decorative

PVC flooring has a particularly large number and variety of colors, patterns such as carpet, wood grain, stone grain, grass and other grain, texture and beautiful lifelike, the color is also very beautiful no color, can effectively light resistance, long-term use will not fade, It has a strong decorative effect. Coupled with its cutting stitching simple, we can fully play to their creative imagination, to meet different consumers personalized decor.

2, comfort pvc floor leather

PVC flooring is a dense surface structure and high elastic foam cushion, the installation process uses a seamless, has a strong supporting force, can buffer the heavy fall to the ground speed of gravity, making it non-friable crack. PVC floor also has a foot feeling very comfortable, soft and comfortable, close to the carpet feel, ideal for home users children and the elderly.

3, the installation process

Simple and quick installation of PVC floor, floor using hot-melt welding process, a seamless connection, the connection can be avoided easily contaminated gap appears at the shortcomings, while also serving as moisture and dust pollution effects. Special varieties of flooring rigorous construction and installation, the seam is very small, almost invisible seams distance, became demanding users choose the ideal surface decoration.

4, environmental protection

PVC flooring materials and accessories used are non-toxic and environmentally friendly renewable resources, such as polyvinyl chloride, calcium carbonate, etc. are non-toxic and non-radiation, but also a lot of use and appear in people's daily lives. In general, PVC flooring is free of formaldehyde, and other toxic substances present, low lead, cadmium and other heavy metals are also non-reflective nature, it is very environmentally friendly healthy green flooring materials.

5, wear resistance and impact resistance

PVC floor surface layer with a layer of special processing transparent wear layer to wear revolution can reach 300,000 rpm, with superior wear resistance and impact resistance, can be reused, the longest service life of up to 30 years. PVC flooring soft texture, so flexibility is also very good, the weight of the impact has a buffer function, easy to damage and fall items.

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