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The difference between PVC flooring and other flooring categories

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With economic development, PVC ground floor as a new environmentally friendly materials, small series and we explore that together, PVC flooring and other flooring comparison with the characteristics

<1> and linoleum contrast pvc floor leather

PVC flooring and linoleum are both resilient flooring, but differ:

◆ different composition and production processes: Linoleum is a mixture of oxidized linseed oil, cork and wood flour, jute backing laminated onto processing. The PVC plastic floor is based on polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, coloring agents and other excipients, in a continuous sheet substrate, the coating process or by rolling, extrusion or an extrusion process from production. From this point of view is used in natural flax linen materials, flooring and PVC is used in PVC material, but also green materials.

◆ wear resistance and stability there is a difference: resistance to scratching in general, on the hard linoleum floor under soft linen, which is why thick linoleum resistance to scratching performance is not a good reason, comparison of PVC flooring wear better. Further dimensional stability of linoleum in general, therefore, you must use a strong glue, whole, linoleum flooring PVC less stability.

◆ maintenance of the degree of difficulty there is a difference: linoleum need to conserve natural light, samples and there will be differences in kind, yellow, linoleum for the maintenance of the product (PH> 7) of less resistance, linoleum needed refurbishing, You must use special care products waxing. Much harder than PVC linoleum floor, but because of the porous surface, so all the dirt must be cleaned up quickly, otherwise the surface will leave difficult to remove the blot had to re-polish and wax. Because it is not a thermoplastic material, it can not be recycled, traces of burns can be easily worn away, but for more in-depth burn marks, PVC floor through the heart than the polished linoleum much easier.

◆ Install the degree of difficulty there is a difference: linoleum installation more difficult, if the indoor temperature is too low, linoleum break. Because of its size and nature to absorb instability, so the product must be quickly installed with superglue. For example, one day, an installation team can lay 80 to 100 square meters of PVC floor, or it may only be laid 60 square meters of linoleum. Linseed oil is not sensitive to temperature, can not use the same material for electrode welding, so it is not welded but "seams", so linoleum can be divided into E3 class waterproof, linoleum does not apply to wet or have a clean room required area. Linoleum will emit a strong smell, stranded in the installation room.

<2> Comparison with rubber flooring

PVC flooring and rubber flooring resilient flooring belong, but differ:

◆ different composition and production processes: rubber floor is divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous rubber flooring refers to natural or synthetic rubber-based, color, consisting of a single layer or a multilayer structure consistent vulcanization floor; heterogeneous rubber floor flooring refers to natural or synthetic rubber-based, structure on includes a wear layer and the other in composition and (or) design on different layers of compacted, compacted layer contains a skeleton layer.

◆ color difference: colored rubber floor more difficult, because the rubber has a strong absorption color, so most of the color in a single rubber flooring; PVC floor color and much more, in any combination, can give designers more select.

There are differences in the degree of difficulty ◆ installation: PVC floor texture is light, quick and easy installation; heavy rubber flooring, installation is more laborious. And rubber flooring installation method requires more stringent, if the method does not appear bubbles of self-leveling foundation requirements more perfect, otherwise it will exaggerate the grassroots defects.

◆ market demand and abrasion resistance difference: Due to the high price of rubber flooring, used only in some high-end places, relatively narrow range; and PVC flooring because of its high cost and therefore is widely used, the market has great potential. Also rubber floor abrasion resistance, at the airport, railway stations and other places large flow of people and aircraft, trains, subways, cars, ships and other means of transport are applicable.

<3> contrast with carpet

◆ different composition and production processes: the carpet is cotton, linen, wool, silk, grass and other natural fibers or synthetic chemical-based raw materials, by hand or mechanical technology of knitting, tufted or woven material made of ground-laid.

◆ performance and maintenance of a difference: the carpet is flammable items, fear of fire, fear of water, fear of tide, and the maintenance is very troublesome, very dirty easily, easy to filth and bacteria. The fire retardant PVC floor, not afraid of water, afraid of tide, take care of is very simple, you can wipe with a cloth, good stain resistance, antibacterial effect.

<4> with tiles Compare

◆ different composition and production processes: the so-called tiles, acid is one kind of refractory metal oxides and semi-metal oxides, via grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, sintering of the process, and the formation of ceramic or stone etc. construction or decoration materials, the total call tiles. More of its raw materials by mixing clay, quartz sand, etc. from.

◆ Performance and Maintenance difference: ceramic tile is not slippery and icy texture, up maintenance is also troublesome, very dirty easily.

◆ Install a difference: Tile is heavy, install more strenuous and difficult to move away after installation, can not be reused. Light texture and PVC flooring, installation is very simple and can be directly on the original floor pavement space without compression, so the transformation of old buildings is very suitable.

Stone contrast <5> marble

◆ very heavy stone, transportation and construction to bring a lot of burden, especially for high-rise buildings of the main structure can cause great harm to the role. ◆ stone water slippery, icy texture and radioactive marble, granite containing radon gas and other harmful.

◆ marble expensive, but the effect is laid on the grade, suitable for high-end places.

<6> Comparison with wooden floor

Wood floors can be divided into three categories: solid wood flooring, parquet and laminate flooring.

◆ Solid wood flooring is a natural material, has the advantages of synthetic materials irreplaceable, non-toxic, odorless, comfortable, cool. But it also is expensive, large hardwood resource consumption, laying installation workload, difficult to maintain (fear of fire, fear of water, fear of tide) with the relative humidity changes have a greater dimensional change and the lack of floor width direction.

◆ parquet wood flooring and has the appearance of the same beautiful wood grain, good dimensional stability, ease of deployment and maintenance. But still can not get rid of the fear of fire, fear of water, fear of disadvantage tide, not as environmentally friendly PVC flooring, PVC flooring and do not wear.

◆ strengthen the base of wood flooring is a good medium density or high density fiberboard and particleboard, dimensional stability, surface layer of decorative paper impregnated containing wear-resistant materials to ensure that the surface layer of the wear resistance to cigarette ignition resistance, scratch and anti-pollution performance, which is compared to the previous two terms, and PVC flooring superior wear resistance and stain resistance than there is a considerable gap.

<7> Comparison leather and plastic flooring

◆ plastic floor leather and PVC flooring is not the same kind of product, although it was known as the PVC flooring leather flooring, plastic flooring, but in fact is to confuse two floors.

◆ plastic flooring (vinyl flooring) belongs to the very low-end products, mainly composed of plastic, afraid of fire, easy to aging, life is very short.

<8> Comparison with bamboo flooring

◆ bamboo flooring is made of natural wood processing, environmental protection. But bamboo flooring also belong to fear of water, fear of fire, fear of tide, the indoor temperature and humidity sensitive, easy expansion and deformation or shrinkage cracking, serious or even moldy.

◆ surface of bamboo flooring is the paint, poor wear, poor anti-scratch ability.

◆ bamboo flooring maintenance trouble, requires frequent maintenance waxing, another poor corrosion resistance.

With economic development, PVC ground floor as a new environmentally friendly materials, small series and we explore that together, PVC flooring and other flooring comparison with the characteristics

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