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Full surround mats advantage

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Full surround mats advantage

1. Dedicated car, the high-side design, safety, never take place: Professional measuring three-dimensional full surround design, draping technology, tailored for the sections of the model, with special non-slip buckle original car, so that the Ottomans never take place to ensure road safety.

 2. comfortable, more noise vibration effect: the use of special high-grade leather, fabric, multi-layer high-quality environment, noise damping materials, the driver feet positions super slip resistant layer, such as carpet-like mat with both soft feel, and play a sound shock effect.

3. easy to clean, good care: leather pads using special wear-resistant materials, high-side three-dimensional design of more effective protection of the original car suede hygiene, daily care is extremely easy, simply remove the mat, with wet cloth to wipe, better cleaning effect with leather cleaner.

4. beautiful and stylish, simple and elegant: the product in addition to maximizing slip pads, dust-proof natural features, highlighting the Ottomans safety, environmental protection and interior features to enhance the taste of the full use of the car surrounded by leather car mats market the best of a mat.

Any cut car mats gorgeous and elegant, made fun will occur, depending on the model, simple operation, you can enjoy handmade pleasure.

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