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Ottomans Material

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Ottomans Material

Flax mats, velvet mats

Now these two materials have basically been eliminated. Because the mat is stepped on the foot, dirty is inevitable, after the two kinds of material is difficult to clean the dirty floor mats, and easy to slide in the foot, causing a safety hazard. So now the market has very few of these two materials the Ottomans.

2. The silicone mat

This mat is relatively safe, the top five, no smell, strong and durable. The choice of this mat is generally inexpensive models.

3.PVC mat (plastic mat)

Chinese called PVC poly vinyl record, is a polymer of vinyl chloride monomer. Bright color, corrosion-resistant and durable, due to the increased plasticizer, anti-aging agent of some toxic auxiliary materials during the manufacturing process to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, so the pads of this material is not very environmentally friendly . Of course, its price is relatively cheap.

4. leather pads

Yes leather pads currently in the high-grade mat pads, foot feeling good on the car, leather mat material is relatively easy to take care of and looks more upscale. Due to the characteristics of the material determines the price than in the previous types of materials to be higher, but still people can accept the price. This material is the majority owner of the Ottomans love.

Any cut car mats gorgeous and elegant, made fun will occur, depending on the model, simple operation, you can enjoy handmade pleasure.

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