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Any cut car mats

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Usually a new car at the factory will be laid before the whole forming a carpet, as is the overall structure, so if without glue and floor mats, when the original carpet was very bad after cleaning. Although plastic flooring is a more popular approach, but because of a seal layer will be formed after the laying of plastic, it may lead to the original car carpet moldy, so editing is not recommended to glue car shop approach.

In fact, nothing more than the use of car mats are waterproof, dustproof and slip these items. For example, in the rain and snow, the passengers up and down when the feet will be coated with mud, muddy water can be eliminated after the mats have infiltrated original carpet, to prevent mildew. In addition, when we are up and down every day car, with the sole inevitably some dust, dust mats can also be cut off on the carpet. We are doing the car clean, just cleaning pads can be.

Although car mats for use as a single role as an umbrella, but it is an essential car supplies, so we must not ignore the role of the Ottomans.

Any cut car mats gorgeous and elegant, made fun will occur, depending on the model, simple operation, you can enjoy handmade pleasure.

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