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Anti-static anti-fatigue mat material classification

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Anti-static anti-fatigue mat material classification

On the market used to make mats of material has various categories, easily confused ordinary consumers confused. The following describes the common ground pad material type and its properties, the purchase can be a pretty good idea, to avoid being "Fudge."

1, Nylon: wear resistance, easy to clean, but easily deformed, easy to produce static electricity, fire can locally dissolve.

2, polyester: wear resistance second only to nylon, heat, light.

3, polypropylene: light weight, good elasticity, high strength; abundant raw materials, good wear resistance, low prices.

4, acrylic: soft, warm, good elasticity; soft texture, color, soft, easy to hair loss, the back-slip design; but the water absorption is not strong, poor wear resistance.

5. Cotton: cotton material, good suction force; material plasticity good, do different three-dimensional design changes, cleaning is very convenient; can be used with non-slip pad use.

6. Microfiber: water absorption is 1.5 times the cotton, cotton fiber fineness is 1/10; touch softer than the cotton fiber density is extremely small, easy to attach dirty, maintenance and cleaning more convenient.

7. Coconut fiber: natural coconut fiber and then recovered from the system; environmentally friendly and durable natural color plus color printing; can effectively scrape the soles of sediment, dirt and easy to clean.

8. Rubber flocking: good drainage, light and tough, durable, beautiful, long life; both have non-slip function, can effectively help scrape the soles of sediment, it is easy to clean.

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