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Anti-static anti-fatigue mats overview

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Anti-static anti-fatigue mats overview

Mats is an effective scraping putty dust and water at the entrance, keep the indoor ground clean products. Elastic soft, comfortable. Unique UV additive to prevent discoloration and embrittlement, can withstand sun and rain outdoor environment. In general, the ground can be divided into soft ground and hard ground, soft ground refers to the carpet, hard floor refers to floor tiles, wood flooring, and floor mats is a new product between the medium and the soft ground and hard ground, mainly used in many high places such as hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, office buildings, and some high-end places the soft ground area range accounted for more than 75% of the total surface area, which is also the achievements of these sites display a unique corporate image and style, so the soft ground maintenance and protection it is particularly important. If the main function is decorative carpet, the mats feature more practical, in addition to carpet with decorative features, floor mats from the door onwards, take dust, water, mud removal, non-slip and other tasks, in some special the occasion also played anti-fatigue, anti-static effect.

Anti-static anti-fatigue mat is suitable for long standing demand of anti-static workplace play an effective buffer foot pressure, relieve fatigue effect.

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