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Anti-static anti-fatigue mat conductive rubber

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Conductive rubber: the conductive particles are silver-plated glass, silver plated aluminum, silver or the like uniformly distributed in the silicone rubber by pressure contacting conductive particles, to achieve good electrical properties. In both military and commercial applications. Its main role is to seal and electromagnetic shielding.

These three material made of anti-static anti-fatigue mats have back:

1, good flexibility, strong reply, close to the ground, the same type;

2, the composite layer structure effective buffer foot pressure, greatly ease the work of fatigue;

3, easy to clean, easy migration, does not affect the normal working environment;

4, the surface of the black non-slip design, dirt resistant, acid and solvent, durable and safer to use.

Surface resistance: 1 (8-9 ohm power (surface layer)

Ground Resistance: 1 (4-6 ohm power (bottom)

Common Specifications:

600mm * 450mm; 600mm * 900mm; thickness of 18mm, other specifications can be customized.

Appearance: The surface color is all black or black with yellow edges (a larger portion of the resistance value of the yellow edge)

Optional anti-static grounding buckle or printed warning signs (or sign off easily rub off).

Anti-static anti-fatigue mat is suitable for long standing demand of anti-static workplace play an effective buffer foot pressure, relieve fatigue effect.

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