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Anti-static anti-fatigue mat material and nature

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Material: mat three-layer structure, the surface is anti-static pvc material, bottom static conductive rubber material, intermediate to high flexibility of polyacetal (POM)

PVC anti-static properties of the materials: the main component of PVC, while adding other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility and the like. This uppermost surface film is painted, the main component of the middle is PVC, the lower is the back coating binder.

It is a popular favorite in today's world, is quite popular and also widely used as a synthetic material. It ranks second in the global use of a variety of synthetic materials. Hard PVC containing softener, so good flexibility, easy molding, hard brittle, non-toxic and pollution-free, save for a long time characteristics.

Polyacetal (POM)

Properties: crystalline thermoplastic plastic, a clear melting point of 165 ℃ ~ 175 ℃, nature closest to the metal, generally referred to as steel


1, high mechanical strength and rigidity

2, the highest fatigue strength

3, environmental resistance, resistance to organic solvents

4, strong resistance to repeated impact

5, wide temperature range (-40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃)

6, good electrical properties

7, good recovery

8, with a self-lubricating, wear good

9, excellent dimensional stability


1, if the process is easy to play for a long time at a high temperature thermal decomposition

2, no self-extinguishing

3, poor acid

4, forming a large shrinkage

 Anti-static anti-fatigue mats are the most durable and longest life comfortable anti-fatigue mats.

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