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Anti-fatigue rubber mat Kraal

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Traditional Bedding has sand, sawdust or chopped straw, low cost, but not conducive to cleaning disinfection. Ke cement will face before Wounded Knee when cows from lying, after tarsal, waist angle joints, is not conducive to healthy cows. Cow bed rubber surface that is a rubber mat, wrapped with plastic film inside the hardware of a special foam rubber pad, can well prevent limb hoof disease, joint disease, mastitis.

1, with the use of rubber cement floor cubicles than cows skin disease, limb hoof disease, joint disease, the incidence of mastitis disease decreased significantly sand cubicles.

2, the rubber cow mattresses smooth, clean, comfortable, nice, with good anti-slip effect, to avoid cows slip, fall, reducing the cost of pharmaceutical expenditure, while reducing the rate of elimination of cows and improve milk production.

3, rubber mats specially designed cubicle itself and an elastic surface, cows have massage effect, avoid prolonged standing cows produce fatigue.

Anti-static anti-fatigue mat is suitable for long standing demand of anti-static workplace play an effective buffer foot pressure, relieve fatigue effect.

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