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Anti-static anti-fatigue mat

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Anti-fatigue mats can be isolated from the cold, to reduce vibration, falling job protection products and tools from damage

Reduce production costs and improve employee health and safety factor index

Blood circulation relieve foot pressure, reduce body fatigue 50%, thereby increasing the efficiency of more than 30%


Two layers: an upper layer of anti-static rubber, urethane resin foam hair lower.

Three layers: an upper layer of anti-static rubber, middle layer of EPDM (or urethane resin) made foam underlying conductive rubber.

NOTE: EPDM used primarily for insulation materials, due to elasticity, low prices, it is general in Guangdong anti-fatigue mats for use.


Using advanced technology, well-made to meet the requirements of the modern working comfort.

1, permanently antistatic.

2, flexibility, rebound strong, easy to clean, easy to move.

3, surface pattern or steel spherical pattern non-slip design, use more secure.

4, can be acid solvent.

5, warranty: a semiconductor clean-room eight years; Electronic Manufacturing 5 years; machinery manufacturing industry for 3 years.

Anti-static anti-fatigue mats are the most durable and longest life comfortable anti-fatigue mats.

Anti-static anti-fatigue mat is suitable for long standing demand of anti-static workplace play an effective buffer foot pressure, relieve fatigue effect.

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